Recipient- Tiffiney Dickerson


At the young age of 32, Tiffiney Dickerson a Single, Mother of four boys has been diagnosed with a Stage 4, Colon Cancer, it has unfortunately spread to her Liver and Lungs.

Tiffiney started Chemotherapy Wed. July 9, 2014. She will follow up with Radiation in hopes to shrink the large malignant Tumor. Then possibly have surgery to remove the tumor. Tiffiney faces a long battle. Future surgeries and subsequent treatments are HIGHLY likely.

Just as Tiff’s battle will be ongoing so will the financial burden. Tiff’s family and friends are now looking to raise money to pay for the initial medical bills and to support her health regime as he enters a period of extensive treatments.

Tiffiney is the Mother of four, (yes she has a baseball team, lol!) rambunctious and adorable boys. Her kids are her world. Logan is the oldest, 10 years old, Joey is 9 years old, Spencer is 6 years old and Max is 4 years old. Being a Mother is Tiffiney’s calling in life. They have so much fun together,camping, riding 4-wheelers, playing outside late into the summer nights and being together at church on Sunday.

Tiff is one of the most stubborn, competitive people I know, she is committed to fighting cancer! She is a “Mama Bear” protecting her cubs. She will come out swinging at anything that comes her way. She is “TUFF TIFF”   :)

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